Indian Railways, not only connecting the country but a fun way to understand the country more

One of the largest and comprehensive railway networks in the globe, the Indian Railway is an integral part of the country. Not only it is an effective, easy, and convenient mode of transportation, but it is also the blood veins of the nation. It is also one of the best ways to understand, explore, and relish the country, its culture and people.

If you are thinking of traveling through India, you must be aware of the huge size of the country. Thereare places with enormous distances between them that even it takes 5-6 hours to cover the distance by flights. Although, the fights are effective, convenient, and quickest mode to get into destinations, but the fact that there is a majority of cities with no airport, or no way are near to the airport, makes considering flight options less popular. Besides, there is the cost factor associated with flights that make a majority of the total population simply skip it and consider the cheaper train or bus options. Travelling through India by train is an interesting way to see and experience the country, its people, food, and culture. People often talk about the sensory overloading and unhygienic condition, but there are many who will tell you how fun and exciting the experience of travelling in Indian Railway trains is.

Popular as one of the largest railway organizations in the world, the railways in India is the lifeline of the country. Although, the total population of the country has grown by multiple times since the first train ran in the country in 1843, the state government has done a decent job in keeping the fares as low as possible, so that even the poorest of the poor can travel through places. Railways connect the country in the best possible way, plus, there is probably no other best way to explore and relish the country while you travel, other than travelling on a train.

Keeping up a fast pace with the developing world, the railways in India modernized itself. It has definitely come miles since its inception, adapting modern ways and some interesting innovations/techniques, making the railways first to apply the techniques. The PNR status is one of the many innovations that today make travelling in trains a wholesome experience. Today, checking the status of your seats, checking the status of your train, etc. can be done just by the comfort of your home, all thanks to the PNR status. The PNR Status checking has enhanced the travelers experience with Indian trains by eliminating the need to go out of your place to the Ticket Reservation Counter and stand for hours in queues. Even just for knowing the status of your booking one had to wait for hours in the queues. However, today all that is needed from you is to open the official IRCTC website, click on check PNR status link, enter the PNR number, enter Captcha code, and hit check PNR button; you'll be provided with every necessary information, including: booking status, berth, coach, train number, train name, journey date, etc.

Even train ticket booking can be done online. It is advisable to keep the necessary details in advance, such as journey date, number of people travelling, coach, etc., so that it will be easy for you to book the tickets. What's more, you can even cancel your tickets online. If you have some reason to cancel your confirmed ticket, you can do that online; you can even check to ascertain if the cancellation has been ensured or not, all with your PNR number.

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Socialdude on Friday, 16 December 2016 11:58

Its great step taken by indian railway we can also check pnr status

Its great step taken by indian railway we can also check pnr status
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Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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