5 House Cleaning Ideas to Ease Allergies

Our home is our fortress, it creates the perfect comfort zone and makes you forget about the outside world. After a long day, we all love to cuddle in the sofa and tuck in with our favourite old blanket. But as comfortable as it is for you, it is as much for the allergens that surround us. Even though they are unseen with naked eye, when they are not properly dealt with, a comfy home can turn into a nightmare of allergies.

These unwanted house mates should be tossed out of the house on a regular basis. For people with allergies, cleaning every now and then cannot achieve the needed results, and moreover, it can lead to serious complications. It is a vital part of any allergy treatment to allergy-proof the household Although it takes a little more time and efforts to implement new house cleaning methods, as soon as you have developed this new routine, you will start to feel much better.

Be careful which cleaning products you will be using, because they can backfire and trigger irritating symptoms. These irritations can cause identical symptoms as allergies :

  • Skin rash
  • Asthma attack
  • Itchy and watery eyes
  • Sneezing

Common cleaning solutions, that can cause potential irritation contain chemicals such as - ammonia, formaldehyde, sodium hypochlorite, d-limonene. These chemicals can be found in cleaning products for furniture polish, dish soaps, oven, drain and glass cleaners, disinfectants, etc. Before buying the product, read its label and check for these ingredients.

For people who suffer from allergies, the best products to use when cleaning their homes, are those, which contain non-toxic substances. In this line of thinking, green products are amongst the suitable. Vinegar and soda bicarbonate can get almost anything cleaned. You can use vinegar and salt to clean surfaces, baking soda to remove odd scents from the carpet. You do not have to get obsessed with cleaning to eliminate the allergens in your home, since it is almost impossible to completely remove them. When cleaning, wear a mask to protect yourself.

Here are some ideas how on clean your home and keep your allergies under control.

The Living Areas

To keep the dust at minimum, vacuum at least once or twice a week. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has a small particle or HEPA filter. Such thing is needed to prevent passing out the allergens from the regular filter. It will not be an efficient cleaning that way, because everything you have sucked with the vacuum will go straight in the air again.

Encase your pillows in dust-mite proof covers. Wash the blankets and sheets on a regular basis in a 50C water. This temperature is hot enough to kill the dust mites. Also, if you have children with allergies, wash their stuffed animals too.

Try to wash the carpet with fragrance-free detergents and also not with shampoos. It is possible from the leftover moisture to cause a mold growth or increase the pollen in your house.

The Kitchen

Try to avoid high piles of dishes in the sink. Keep your kitchen clean and wash the used appliances as soon as you are done using them. Store the food in sealed boxes and regularly clean the fridge inside. Empty the recycle bins frequently and at least once a week place on the bottom of the bin a piece of bread with vinegar for one night to sanitise it. When cooking, use an exhaust fan to remove cooking fumes and reduce the moisture. Regularly check for leaks and, if any, try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

The Bathroom

Minimising the moisture is of high importance. Use exhaust fans or just open the windows when you're taking a shower. Clear and disinfect the bathroom whenever it is possible and keep it well ventilated. Wash the shower curtains at least once a month. An alternative is to buy curtains that contain antifungal agents. If your walls are covered with wallpapers, try to switch to tile or paint the walls. Mold can easily grow underneath the wallpaper.

The Bedroom

On average, a person spends about 8 hours in his bedroom. It doesn't matter if you sleep alone in the bed or with significant other, there are always microscopic mites. To avoid them as much as possible, enclose the mattress and all pillows in allergen-proof cases. Change those big and heavy curtains with window shades instead, or, if you do not wish to part with your favourite curtains, try to launder them in hot water once a month. Your four-legged friend is also a walking dust mop, try to prevent sneaky entrances in your bedroom.

When in Need

A healthy home should always be a top priority. When you suffer from indoor allergies it is a good idea to ask someone else to take the cleaning chores in the household. There are many ways to decrease the level of dust in your home, but it gets so time consuming and even obsessive at one point. In no way it is possible to completely eliminate the allergens in your home, however reducing them can be achieved only by regular cleaning, because it is difficult to maintain such routine for someone who is busy on a daily basis. This problem should be managed with convenient alternatives. Either by using the services of professional home cleaners, that can carry services whatever your needs are, or look for help in your household. A certain commitment must be made to keep oneself in good health.

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