Being Beautiful, Confident and Comfortable – Women’s Perspectiv

Have you ever seen women after the night out have gone home walking or might probably be running comfortably barefoot and heels on hand? I would say, I am one those ladies. Women always wanted to look beautiful, to feel elegant with that pretty pair of high heeled shoes. But what is next? Are we, or are you comfortable? 

Many women seem to have an inexplicable obsession with shoes, whether they're high heels, pumps, flats, strappy sandals, boots or wedges. Is it perhaps because women are looking for that comfortable thing to wear? 

As Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world", but again, what is "right" for women nowadays?

 High heels can instantly elevate any outfit form every day to runway-commendable style. Additional to that, it improves your posture, making you look and feel taller, leaner, and even more confident. But did a gorgeous pair of high heel shoes have ever left you with foot problems? According to a study, it only takes one hour and six minutes of wearing uncomfortable shoes to feel pain, ranging probably from blisters to muscular problems.

 "Wearing shoes/high heels is like dieting…You have to count the hours you wear them. You can wear them, just like you have dessert, you don't need dessert every meal" According to Hillary B. Brenner, DPM, a podiatric surgeon 

I always carry a spare pair of flat shoes with me especially if I am wearing high heels (and I know I am not alone). Having high heels on can make the wearer feel more confident, and with my "not so tall" height, I like to be on high heels at work or even roaming around to enhance my presence, but for long-term, they aren't comfortable. 

But what if one pair of shoes could do both jobs, being confident and comfortable. There are two small shoemaking firms, one in France and one in Germany, think they might have the solution for this quest - women's shoes that come with interchangeable heels. It is like having one shoe, several heels, which may vary in terms of height, shape and color, and can be swapped and fit easily into every handbag. 

Women's shoes with interchangeable heels are such an innovative shoe system, which allow women to change their style from casual to professional, fancy to comfortable, low to high, or just simply for everyday wear. There are a few firms that developed footwear with removable heels but not so successful. Some also attempt to, but the look was awful and didn't really work. Works have been done until people started to appreciate and see the importance of this design for women. Some women love to wear high heels, but many would much rather choose the comfort of the flats. 

Enjoy the holiday season but be mindful of your own needs. When you are less in pain, you will feel more confident, comfortable, and beautiful, you can enjoy time with friends and family even more. 

You can be beautiful, confident, stylish and comfortable if you have the "right" shoes. Surely, convertible heels or say removable heels are a blessing for those who want to change style frequently. 

Francezca Christine Nadela is the owner of Forever Turquoise Jewelry, a retail site featuring turquoise jewelry, which includes turquoise bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces and jewelry sets.

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Saturday, 30 September 2023

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