The Easy Way to Measure One’s Ring Size

 Quiz: What is your ring size?

If you answered "sort of big," kind of small" or "umm… I have no clue,' then there is something, something to be solved.

Most of you probably are not really aware the size of your ring. You might have bought a ring for yourself online and just realize that it is bigger or smaller, or might have gifted to someone and then came out the same way, it is very small or very big, or just don't fit right!

In order to get away with the same mistake, you need to know exactly your ring size and /or the giftee as well. Sound simple? It is actually difficult than you think because there are a lot of factors that influence the size. Our fingers change in size throughout the day.

Factors to consider when getting the right ring size

  1. Temperature

Throughout the day and often, our fingers fall victim to fluctuations in temperature. Cold temperature can shrink half a size, and too warm can swell and throw off the measurements as well. The best time of the day to measure is in the evening when the temperature is slightly warm.

The factors below are other strange factors that can impact the fit. All can cause water retention.

  1. Foods
  2. Humidity
  3. Exercise
  4. Pregnancy

So bear in mind, that these factors can cause slight variations.

Now, which finger you need to measure?

We need to know which finger is the dominant hand. Usually, it is the one you typically write and do other things with. This hand can often run a half size larger than the non-dominant one. (Just think of this, they have been getting their exercise) Always measure the specific finger you are fitting for the most accurate results.

How do you measure?

There is some ring-sizing guide suggest wrapping a string around your finger, or string and ribbon, just ignore these, it can stretch and destroy your findings. At home, all you just need a thin sheet of paper to get the most accurate results. Do not use measuring tape since the thickness may give you a false reading.

Consider the ring you are measuring

If you are considering a wider band, try a half size larger for comfort. Going for a trendy style that rests above your knuckles? Be sure to measure at the spot you're planning to wear the ring. Now, you are ready to start measuring your ring size, if you find in-between sizes, it is best to go larger, so would be easy to pass through your knuckles comfortable.

Size for Yourself:

  1. Cut a strip of a thin sheet of paper.
  2. Wrap it around the base of the finger you plan on wearing the ring.
  3. With a pen or marker, mark where the paper overlaps and measure the length in millimeters.
  4.  Click here to download and print the guide to scale. Use a calculator to divide the length you measure by 3:14. That result corresponds to a rig size on the chart. (For example: If you measure 60 mm around your finger, you will get 19 mm, find that number on the chart and it is a size 9.)

Size for someone else:

  1. Find a ring your giftee has recently worn on the finger you are intending size.
  2. Rest the ring on the printable chart. The ring should cover the line so that the outside of the black circle touches the inside of the ring.

Whatever comes out, in the worst scenario, it is always possible to resize a ring.

Francezca Christine Nadela loves to share her passion for jewelry. She also tries to articulate the things she likes with to the people around the world. Feel free to visit the website she helps running at

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