Not-To-Miss Luxe Experiences In Sydney!

Go the high-roller way when in Sydney, what with the harbour city offering one premium experience after the other. Check out all luxury experiences listed below and choose one or more to suit your taste...

Roar & Snore At The Taronga

Start from the city's centre and explore the zoo… but at night! See Sydney Harbour in all its dazzling glory as you go 'glamping' in a luxury private tent for the night. With gourmet refreshments and nibbles followed by a delicious buffet-style dinner, you are set for the evening! Your time here is all about sweeping views of Opera House and Harbour Bridge, topped by time with the friendly furry inhabitants of the zoo. So why wait… go for an ultimate sleepover amid roars and snores!

Exclusive Dining On A Sydney Harbour Glass Boat Dinner Cruise

How can we talk of luxury experiences and skip delectable cuisine? And when it's on a stylish glass boat dinner cruise, it's something you simply can't say no to! Cruise Sydney by night and make the most of the fine dining experience on a premium dinner cruise. Enjoy dinner and drinks wrapped up in luxury and surrounded by harbour views throughout your night! If you choose a venue with live music and a dance floor, there's nothing like it to make your night memorable.

See Sydney On A Seaplane

Catch floating views of Sydney's epic landmarks with a seaplane ride. Choose and pick from the many options offered by different operators. Fly over Northern Beaches, Palm Beach or Rose Bay and stop for lunch at unusual spots like a restaurant on a cliff top, for an experience like none other in the city. You may even love an island getaway with a handpicked picnic basket, right near Sydney. Make your choice and soar over skies and water for some quality Sydney experiences to rave about!

Go Glitzy At A Rooftop Bar

See how the elite enjoy their evenings at one of the many glamorous rooftop bars in Sydney. With choices available by the dozen, you can go for one right in the city's centre or opt for a waterfront venue. A rooftop bar as high as 30 storeys or more is a treat to your senses and makes you realise how Sydney is one of the most beautiful harbourfront cities in the world. Another tip… a beachside bar will also come with a sunset view that's worthy of many photo ops!

Shop Like Royalty At Decorated Storefronts

Splurge at Sydney's premium shopping centres along the restored mezzanines of Queen Victoria Building and Strand Arcade. Catering to the best combination of high-end international brands and Australian designer outlets, this venue has prestigious jewellery and accessory outlets too. Another shop stop is the brand new Central Park with its vertical gardens and artistic sculptures. This is where you can bag some awesome indigenous products too, right from food to skincare. Once done, you'll know for sure that when it's shopping, Sydney is the best place to be!

Roar & Snore At The Taronga
Clearview Glass Boat Dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour
Rooftop bar at Sydney
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Saturday, 03 June 2023

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