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Wondering about how to attract subscriber's attention? Here is a way, including GIFs. Studies show GIFs in an email increases the click-through rate by 42% and conversion rates by 103%. It will positively impact your revenues and email marketing campaigns. It is already proven that visuals increase engagements. For example:

  • Posts with images on Facebook get 2.3 times more engagement as compared to the posts without images.
  • Visual garners result in 150% more retweets than tweets without visual garners.

Now the question is how to get attractive GIFs. Either you can ask your designer (which will cost a lot) or use websites that make GIF (which will consume lots of your precious time). MailPod brings Solutions to you. We are attaching 6 Free GIFs that you can use in the emails. You just need to follow two Simple Steps:

  1. Click right on the image and select "Save Image" or simply drag it to your desktop.
  2. Upload the GIF in your emails, and do not forget to click on the "original" under Image Size.

What are you waiting for? Add GIFs in the upcoming Fall newsletters to smartly earn revenues from your email marketing campaigns. The above GIFs are created by MailPod's best designers, so do not hesitate to use them. If you want to use theme-related GIFs, then subscribe now for 30-Days free trial. MailPod is here to create exciting GIFs with our best designers. We will launch many related articles on How you can make a success out of effective email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing services, guidance, and management.


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Saturday, 30 September 2023

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