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How to create a compelling product page that sells? - MailPod

How to grab visitor's attention in nanoseconds? Create a product page that automatically induces sales. Visuals play a very dominant role in our day to day life, and they are as important in the business world. In this digital era, if you want your visitor or potential customer to stay, then you have to create a compelling product page. Your Product Page is the deciding factor, either you can make a sale or lose a potential customer. Also, the pr...

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Create a Winning CTA on Your Sign Up Form with MailPod - MailPod

 A How to create a winning Call-To-Action (CTA) on your Sign-Up Form? Well, you have put tremendous efforts in finding the perfect incentives to attract subscribers but now you have no clue of how to bring them to avail that offer. Create a sign-up form that entices subscribers to take action. MailPod performs the best email marketing for small businesses and helps you create an effective sign-up form with an enticing CTA. Call-To-Actio...

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Best Email Marketing Tips on Fall GIF Guide - MailPod

Wondering about how to attract subscriber's attention? Here is a way, including GIFs. Studies show GIFs in an email increases the click-through rate by 42% and conversion rates by 103%. It will positively impact your revenues and email marketing campaigns. It is already proven that visuals increase engagements. For example: Posts with images on Facebook get 2.3 times more engagement as compared to the posts without images.Visual garners result in...

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