Diamond cut: a guide on how to choose a diamond cut

Diamonds are a considerable investment. One must choose the diamond wisely. While selecting a diamond, a diamond cut is of utmost importance. The quality and price of the diamond depends on the diamond cut. Diamond cut refers to the way the diamond is cut. Among the 4C's, diamond cut is the most significant. One cannot afford to ignore the diamond cut. One should buy only ideal or excellent cut diamonds; otherwise, they can have less brilliance. Polish also determines the quality of diamond cut. The diamond-cut directly impacts the beauty and brilliance of the diamond. The sign of a well-cut diamond is its shine and luster.

Factors affecting diamond cut

Numerous factors decide the quality of diamond cut like polish, symmetry, fire, and brilliance. Round shaped diamonds possess brilliance and beauty.

The following factors contribute to the quality of the diamond cut. Firstly, the proportions of the diamond-like its width and depth, influence the diamond cut.

The symmetry of the diamond also plays a vital role in the diamond cut. Diamond cut is influenced by the mirrors, windows, and steps of the diamond.

The third factor affecting diamond cut is the brilliance. How much white light gets reflected through the diamond tells one about the diamond cut. Diamond is said to be cut in an ideal manner if it depicts brightness.

Diamond cut is also affected by the fire.

The flashes of sparkle which occurs when light moves also determine the diamond cut.

Lastly, it is the finishing that decides the diamond cut. Diamond cut is excellent when it is appropriately polished.

How to choose the best diamond cut?

A well-cut diamond is the one that reflects the light through its crown area. Besides this, a small diamond is cut in a better way as compared to the large diamonds. The client should check brilliance and fire. Consequently, one should only purchase an ideal cut diamond. Many people confuse diamond shapes with diamond cut, but both are different from each other. It is a difficult job to determine the diamond cut. One should assess the design of the diamond before deciding on the diamond cut.

Diamond cut calculator

To calculate the prices and cuts of diamonds, diamond cut calculator have evolved. Diamond calculators have evolved to aware people regarding diamond jewelry. It is an online device that helps people to know the quality and price of the diamond. Diamond cut calculator guides the customer to their decision-making process and helps them in their diamond jewelry shopping.


Diamond jewelry is costly as compared to other metals. While shopping for diamond jewelry, one should not blindly trust the jeweler. Before buying diamonds, the client should check the cut quality accurately as it is a considerable investment. For the best diamonds in terms of quality and price, one should visit Alex and the company to specialize in diamond jewelry and guide you better. 

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