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Add A Classic Touch To Any Wedding Jewelry Collection

Giving your modern wedding ring spruce of classic is what is taking off now. It could be a simple design, but it provides a sleek and sophisticated look to the bride and the bridegroom. Rather than having a gold band ring in yellow, consider white gold vs platinum , and any gemstone would look stunning on it. Large pearls have been trending pared with most wedding bands and look lavishing.

When comparing white gold vs platinum to match your wedding gown, either of these two will look fantastic if your gown is white. But if you have an ivory dress, yellow jewelry will be ideal since it highlights the clothing's creamy tone. That's why it's prudent to buy your wedding dress before purchasing your jewelry.


Pearls are versatile jewelry that suits every occasion but are most appropriate for weddings due to their elegance and sophistication. They also add a classic touch to any jewelry such as a ring, necklace, earrings, and bracelets.

It was almost impossible not to see a bride wearing pearls in the old days. People believed they would take the tears away from the bride and symbolized love, modesty, and happy marriage. The Greeks up to now believe pearls promote marital harmony. And even with that beautiful thoughts, their comeback helps brides look gorgeous with a bridal gown, from head to toe.

Diamonds and pearls

The gorgeous pearl bridal jewelry is a showstopper, styled with diamond rose petals. Nestle it with gleaming diamonds around it. And a bride can pair this with earrings of the same inspiration. That is if you aspire to classic elegance with a touch of contemporary edge.

Emerald cut ring

Although an emerald stone can be contemporary, if paired with gold you inherited from your family, it spices things up. You can have the gem flanked by two other diamond baguettes on each side and get a timeless piece that you will also pass to future generations.

Stackable rings

Same with the bridal set, which consists of an engagement ring and the newly added wedding ring. Matching these two metal bands is crucial, but you can also add a classic touch to your stacked ring collection to give them an exciting look. White gold vs platinum, you can pick one of these if you want a whitish hue, and then add some small diamonds on them, which will give them a traditional look rather than one big stone.


If you are looking at a wedding ring, you inherited from your great-grandma and thinking it's impossible to modernize it, and you can get surprised at how many options you can have from your jeweler. If it's a vintage, you will consider an artist who understands this design's intricate nature. And if it's not complicated, you can include a colored gem and have its metal band repolished. That vintage can exude elegance and sophistication.

In conclusion , choosing your wedding jewelry can be overwhelming, which is like looking at a sea of sparkle. The secret is to have your wedding jewelry customized to reflect your personality. White gold vs platinum , which one defines you more? Prepare this early, and give it enough time. (A month or two before your W-Day).  

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