Why Erectile Dysfunction and Ejaculation Management and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation

The problems of impotence and ejaculation are among the organic problems that affect an excessive number of men, affecting the quality of their sexual life, reducing or preventing the feeling of pleasure during the exercise of intimacy, causing a person many psychological barriers and humiliation and causing weakness or impotence and coldness, mostly because most things Any issue that arises in this regard causes the sexual process to fail, and we will discuss ED and premature care during this article. Cenforce 200 mg also the best way to treat ejaculation.

Male Erectile Dysfunction and Ejaculation Causes

The older a person, advanced age, increases the risk that he or she will have these two problems or one of them. Incidence of heart disease and blood vessels and hardening of the arteries, impaired circulation of blood, which decreases the flow of blood to the penis. Exposure to loads of current psychological and emotional tension. The body is exposed to physical exhaustion and worry. Chronic organic diseases such as elevated vital signs and diabetes infections. Diseases of the prostate. The person is obese and is addicted to alcoholic drinks and drugs.

Impotence treatment and ejaculation

Avoid the full amount of anxiety and psychological stress, perform calming exercises as much as possible and clear the mind before beginning sexual intercourse. And exercises in yoga can help. The treatment of organic conditions by a professional doctor and the regulation and exercise of blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels stimulates blood circulation and improves blood flow to the penis.

Fully stop smoking and alcoholic beverages, and limit the consumption of caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks. In addition to black honey, onions, and garlic, eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, especially foods that increase sexual potencies, such as seafood such as salmon, shrimp, and shellfish, and leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cress, as well as ginger. Take drugs, such as Cenforce 150 mg and the drug Vidalista 20 mg , that improve sexual capacity. After consulting a doctor, these medications must be taken because certain infections can interfere with infection.

Opening channels of conversation between the two spouses, such as raising the spirits of the husband by his wife and love surrounding him and knowing him and taking his feelings into account, gives the individual strength and talent, and allows him to unravel the matter a lot, in addition to choosing the good times for sex. Take some nutritional supplements, such as ginseng and seaweed, that increase blood flow to the penis, as these supplements help to increase the amount of testosterone in the blood, which can have a positive impact on the power of the penis to have an erection and delay ejaculation.

Tips to forestall dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most male disorders that prevent a considerable sexual life from being sustained because it seriously affects the vanity of the individual, causes guilt, and lacks self-confidence. In addition, it is one of the most important variables associated with cardiovascular disorders, heart attacks, and even death.

Do not exploit the use of tobacco:

More than 60 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 35 who suffer from impotence are directly affected by sexual arousal, thanks to the constant use of cigarettes and other recreational substances.

Maintain a sex life with vigor:

The risk of developing a male erectile dysfunction problem is decreased by having regular sexual activity since it is considered one of the physical activities that assist with blood circulation, the elasticity of the arteries and corpora cavernosa, enhancing the state and functioning of the circulatory system, and decreasing the likelihood of developing this problem.

On-time, consult a specialist:

In males over 40 years old, erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently. Just 20 percent, however, visit a doctor for treatment. The most popular reaction of men suffering from the disease is to deny it and trust that it will fix the matter itself. Therefore, you ought to attend a highly trained doctor as soon as an abnormality is identified, and he will know how to figure out the most suitable treatment.

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