Spend your Christmas in the Major Cities of Australia

It is almost time to ring the bells of season with joy and happiness. Have you got any plans to celebrate the favourite month of the season in colour and vigour? I can help you to find some amazing Christmas party locations around Australia where you can celebrate with your friends and family together.


Sydney has some of the best locations that are fascinating and totally consuming. Have you heard about Christmas day cruises in Sydney Harbour where you can spot iconic landmarks such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Get on board an ultra-modern Australian built catamaran, premium glass boat vessel offering 360° harbour views, or an authentic paddlewheeler with an old world charm offering a luxury Christmas lunch cruise in Sydney Harbour. Enjoy your cruise with a freshly prepared menu and club it along with a selection of premium Australian red and whites, beers, or with soft drinks from the fully licensed bar available on board. Click some photographs in the spectacular background and share it on social media.


Melbourne, after Sydney, is often considered as one of the most visited cities in Australia. There are many popular destinations to visit and spend your day with friends and family. Melbourne can be identified as a city with some major European imprint. The city can change its style and colours easily according to the conditions. The adaptive techniques and ease should be highly appreciated in that matter. Rent a bike or bicycle and explore the city in your way. You can spot many neo-Gothic style buildings, cathedrals, art galleries, theaters, museums, and so on. You will also get amused by the beautiful street wall art and its colours, design, and life.


Brisbane in Australia can be identified as a cosmopolitan outdoor-lifestyle city offering the best of both indoor and outdoor experiences to its visitors. Brisbane is rich with many art and cultural centers, peaceful rivers, pristine beaches, and some good-old rainforests. Brisbane is an incredible destination to celebrate this upcoming Christmas with your folks. Try to visit Brisbane Botanic Gardens located just 7 kilometers away from Brisbane CBD. It is a 56-hectare subtropical garden hosting a variety of events, exhibitions, and workshops. You can also book for a Brisbane river cruise and relish in the opportunity for watching the majestic city skyline, and sunset with hues of red, pink, and orange. Book your tour to learn about the Brisbane City Hall building, a renowned symbol of civic pride. See its Italian Renaissance style, marble staircases, and mosaic tiled floors. If you have enough time try to reach out to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, one of Australia's popular centres for live performances.


Perth, the capital of Western Australia is the largest and fourth most populous city in Australia. Perth is quite famous for its climate and super sunny weather conditions. There are many touristy locations in Perth including river cruises and desert tours. Have you ever been to the Pinnacles Desert? The Pinnacles Desert can be seen as one of the iconic landscapes in Australia located in the Nambung National Park near the town of Cervantes. You can catch sight of one of the oldest living fossils on Earth from the Pinnacles. The region contains thousands of limestone pillars. The large or tallest pinnacles have a height up to 7.5m above the sand base and the shorter ones are only a meter in height and often resemble short tombstones. You can spot Western grey Kangaroos grazing in the park, usually in the mornings. Try also to spot black cockatoos and emus along the way. 

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Monday, 24 January 2022

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