Two Ideal places for a New Year Getaway in 2021

The last day of the calendar year is always a special occasion as it is the act of letting the current year pass by along with the good and the bad and welcoming the new one with positivity. It's an opportunity to learn from our mistakes from the previous year and create a headstart for the next one. People around the world start making resolutions and plan to celebrate it with their friends or family like any memorable occasion. Choosing a befitting place to celebrate the New Year can be uncertain for most partygoers and this article aims to make it easier for you to make up your mind.


Sydney, the largest city of Australia, is also one of the most luxurious cities in the world and this has attracted travellers and tourists from every part of the world. New Year in Sydney is a busy time and people tend to book their celebrations in advance. There is a celebration for everyone with harbour picnics, opera performances, dance parties, party cruise boats and many more. The food scene here is nothing short of spectacular and a New Years' Eve dinner in Sydney is the perfect chance to experience it. Harbour cruises are an optimal choice for people who want a change from regular dining experience. Many cruises with distinct characteristics are available including the Australian-built million-dollar catamaran with expansive outer decks, the authentic paddlewheeler with wrap-around verandahs and the premium glass boat with unobstructed 360° view of the litup Harbour. These extravagant New Year cruises take you on a voyage around the harbour for a breathtaking sightseeing experience including the well illuminated Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Denison Fort and many more while you savour the flavourful dishes freshly prepared by the onboard chefs. You'll be guaranteed a night full of entertainment along with the premium beverages and drinks available from the fully licensed bar onboard. Get on board and soak up the stellar views of the illuminated skies and be sure to be on the right cruise to get the maximum out of the NYE fireworks. These boats will be in exclusion zones for the best views of both the family and midnight fireworks firing at 9pm and 12pm respectively. With options and time limited it is advisable that you get the tickets at the earliest for the best group booking deals.


The countdown to New Year is celebrated in every city of Italy with style and elegance and like every other celebration in the country, food plays a pivotal role in its success. We present some of the best places to visit in Italy during NYE. The everlasting tradition of a New Year's Eve across the globe is the midnight kiss and if you are accompanied by your significant other, the best place to be is at the Piazza San Marco where thousands of couples gather for the annual 'Love' event. Here people sing the new year song and watch the fireworks going off around the city while waiting for that midnight kiss. Now if you are by oneself, head over to the Piazzetta in Capri for the best music, ambience and food. Capri is the best place to be if you're looking for a place to dance till dawn by yourself or with your friends or family for the reason that it is lined up with international pubs and bars. Next up is the Museum of the Ancient delta in Comacchio. This is ideal if you find your place in peace and want to step away from the mob of party enthusiasts.

You can enjoy the masterpieces of world-famous artists like Picasso or Michelangelo while you savour a gala dinner along with a guided tour.

Be sure to check what's open and not before you plan your visit. 

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Monday, 24 January 2022

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