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Bulgaria is located in Southern Europe. It is Europe’s 14th largest country. It has population of 1.36 million peoples. Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is rich in historical sites, parks and tourist spots. Most notable city park is “Boris ova gradina”.

Top historical sites to visit in Bulgaria:

Alexander Newsy Cathedral -built in honor of the Russian star Alexander II, in the period of 1882- 1912. It’s the second largest Orthodox Temple in Balkan Peninsula. In the basement of the cathedral you will find the vaulted crypt, the Alexander Newsy Crypt, which contains one of the biggest collections of religious art.

St. George Church -is considered the oldest building, built during the 4th century and is now standing amid the ruins of the ancient town of Syndic.

St. Sofia Church -is an early Byzantine church built during the period of 527- 565.

Royal Palace -houses the National Gallery and National Ethnographic Museums located on Alexander Battenberg Square.

St. Cyril and Methodist National Library –largest national book collection and Bulgaria’s oldest cultural institute

Boyanan Church – a 900 years old church built in the 10th Century and included in UNESCO World Heritage list. The church is Located on the foothills of Vitosha Mountain


Dragalevtsi Monastery –founded in the 14th century. The monastery is located in the foothills of Vitosha Mountain.

National History Museum – established in year 1973, is one of the largest national museums in Balkan and located in the foothills of Vitosha Mountain.

Vitosha Mountain – snow-capped mountain favorite destination for hikers and skiers, the mountain has been declared a National park, a protected area.

Sofia Zoo- founded in year 1888. The zoo has more than 1,000 wild species

Every year millions of tourists visit Bulgaria from all around the world to visit the historical as well as the wild life in Bulgaria. For your trip you can Hire Car Bulgaria from one of the leading and most trusted car rental service provider of the country with 24*7 assistance. 

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