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A Weekend Getaway From New Delhi To Agra

Delhi is the best place to start your tour of India if you are a tourist and also the best accessible state to go anywhere in India. Living in close proximity with some of the best tourist destinations in India, this article talks about a beautiful weekend getaway to Agra from Delhi. The first thought that comes to the tourists mind on landing at Delhi is to tour the whole city. The historical sites around the city see a bunch of unfamiliar forei...

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Enjoy Hyderabadi cuisine, explore its heritage spots and historic monuments

Hyderabad is a noteworthy city that enjoys a long legacy and an old society. The city offers a rich affair for the travelers through its various attractions and spots of tourist interest. Hyderabadi food, particularly its dum Biriyani, is something not to miss at any expense. Read on to know more. Hyderabad, now the capital of Telangana, is a standout amongst the most intriguing urban areas of India for the travelers. This Deccan Plateau city alo...

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Three excellent weekend getaways from Delhi

Delhi is not just the most significant centre of administration, but it is also one of the chief hubs of tourism. There is so much to explore, see, do, and relish here in terms of tourism that tourists often extend their holiday duration. Plus, there are some amazing destinations in close proximity of it that you can visit on weekends or on a vacation. Living in Delhi, the national capital, certainly has its merits. It is one of the largest and m...

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Bedroom Sets: The Easier Way To Furnishing Your Bedroom

The bedroom is not just the room in which you sleep, but the room in which you hide out, relax and be yourself at the end of the day. While a living room is designed keeping your tastes and a bit of other's tastes in mind, your bedroom is designed entirely in your own tastes as you are going to be the only person inhabiting it. Bedroom sets make furnishing your bedroom easier so you can brainstorm lesser and get your bedroom done faster. The foll...

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The Most Famous Temples in Karnataka You Have To Visit

Karnataka is one of those few places in India, which is known for its deep cultural influence. The state which demonstrates growth with megacities like Bengaluru and Mysore, also shows a great heritage with it's array of monolithic and beautiful temples. If you have a explorer inside, these centuries old temples will surely entice you. And you really don't have to belong to the religious lot to explore them. The temples in Karnataka are considere...

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Indian Railways, not only connecting the country but a fun way to understand the country more

One of the largest and comprehensive railway networks in the globe, the Indian Railway is an integral part of the country. Not only it is an effective, easy, and convenient mode of transportation, but it is also the blood veins of the nation. It is also one of the best ways to understand, explore, and relish the country, its culture and people. If you are thinking of traveling through India, you must be aware of the huge size of the country. Ther...

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5 lively train journeys in India

Trains are an important mode of transport in India. Indian Railway is one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in India. India also houses some amazing picture-perfect train routes to some of the famous destinations. Here is the list of 5 must experiencing train routes in India. Railways are one of the cheapest and convenient mode to travel many parts of India. The Indian railway is one of the world's largest networks. India is well-knitted w...

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Invicible Romania national football team

Romania national team earned the ticket for major competition for the first time since 2008. They won second place in the group F, suffering no defeats in ten matches. That quite notable achievement shouldn't be overestimated. The first thing that strikes an eye is that all team could be happy with the draw, but some of them couldn't use the opportunity. Romania didn't have any notable achievements in recent years and used the chance for advancin...

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