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How to Select the Trademarked Rolex Watch from a Registered Company

Rolex watches are what luxury and functionality fused. Everyone wishes to own a beautiful Rolex not only as a fashion statement but an extraordinary piece of timepiece that will stand the test of time. With that said, there are also counterfeit Rolex watches to watch out for. To help you weed out crooks who want to sell you counterfeits, Rolex has a list of authored dealers who stock, order, and do watch repair on behalf of the Alex and Company watchmaker. But how do you ultimately choose to get your masterpiece watch?

Make Personal Considerations

While a Rolex watch is a timeless timepiece; there is no denying that there are no watches for every budget. If you need a Rolex watch, you have to dig deeper into your pockets. Choosing the right watch should be a light choice to make.

First, consider if the watch fits into your fashion style. There is no justification to spend a fortune on an object you will adorn biannually. Therefore, go through your wardrobe and examine it for consistency. Will a Rolex fit your style?

Lastly, what are your motivations for getting the wristwatch? Are you looking for a status symbol to brag before your friends? Does the watch fit your budget? Avoid making purchases on credit since it will cost you in the long run.

Decide if You Want a New or a Pre-owned Watch

Rolex has the distinction of holding their value over time. If you can get yourself a pre-owned masterpiece, you are sure that it has the same quality and use, especially if you get it from a registered company. Be careful! Any watch repair not done by a licensed Rolex dealer can make a watch inauthentic.

On the other hand, a new watch is expensive, but you are sure you are getting the right product from a dealer. New watches come in a box and have a warranty of up to five years. With that, you can get peace of mind when you rock a Rolex watch.

Choose the Watch Specs

What size of watch do you want to rock? Is it big or small? Whatever the size of your wrist, an excellent case size is probably between 36mm and 41mm. Any below above or below this is too large or too big.

Rolex watches can be customized to the user's taste. If you need a gold watch or platinum, you can order. The best material, however, is stainless steel, as it holds value with time.

The last headache you have is deciding the brand of the watch will work with you. Those not acquainted with Rolex may believe that all are the same, but there are many brands to choose from.

Visit a Local Licensed Rolex Dealer

With all the chosen details in mind, it is just but one step to getting your Rolex watch. Visit a dealer and test out as many watches as and select the one you need. Buy your watch from a licensed dealer to an authentic watch.


Whether you need a vintage or a new Rolex watch, they can be a great fashion accessory. A new Rolex watch comes with a warranty and guaranteed watch repair for five years to keep it as good as new. 

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

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