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Not surprising once you're the only licensed football game at a quarantined year that has delayed the season

Not surprising once you're the only licensed football game at a quarantined year that has delayed the season. The lovers are starved of their favorite sport. The season is not delayed it's still starting punctually, next Thursday. Dont know why you are downvoted, NFL preseason is awful. I understand some people get up for this because they're desperate for Madden 21 coins football, but it's just so boring and doesnt tell you anything. I've seen groups go winless and win the superbowl, along with other teams crush preseason and have dreadful decades. Let's not pretend like it is absolutely pointless while we have not experienced a negative record preseason team win the Superbowl in more than a decade, and in the past 50 years only 1 group has gone winless in preseason and won the Superbowl (and only 3 in total have left the Superbowl).

Dont know why im downvoted either considering I literally work together with the NFL broadcasting team and also have the numbers at my desk. There wasn't anything on your first comment that hinted that you had"inside" knowledge. I know why you're being downvoted because some people literally do watch the preseason and you come off as smug. You're probably being downvoted by people who have watched preseason. Educated opinions don't really work on reddit. I have discovered to stop commenting on matters between my area of work since some snarky teenager who does not have any idea what they are talking about is going to be upvoted by the hivemind who also does not have any clue what they're discussing.

"nobody watches the preseason" is an entirely meaningless comment. People who say they're going to boycott are often individuals who never had any motive to purchase in the first place. Yep. Also, most of the time people who are current with the newest gambling controversies aren't just sports lovers, which is obviously the largest playerbase of sports games. I believe a good deal of people forget about it. For a great deal of madden 2k etc. buyers that's gonna be 1 of maybe 4 of 5 games they purchase that year they don't care about any controversy. Hell as a huge basketball and video game enthusiast I know 2k is fucking me over but I really like basketball and play with 2k religiously and with friends why do I not buy it lol.

Probably especially true for people that have to announce their goals really loudly. Like the people who dramatically declare they are leaving a forum. Same with the most recent versions of 2K. I am like half and half. If a get a urge to play Madden I will just spend $5 or $15 bucks to EA Perform and after a month I'll be done. I wonder whether there are folks like me and cheap Madden nfl 21 coins where they fall to these sales figures. Folks like you (and me) are that they created EA Play , the type that will purchase a sports game to get in their group but not be fanatical about it. EA decided they'd rather we give them the money directly rather than spend it buying a used game which they receive no cash from.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

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