Top 5 mistakes when publishing in an article directory

Top 5 mistakes when publishing in an article directory

Nowadays there are a lot of "experts" - people or companies that offer professional SEO services. Their job is to bring up your website or resource and try to rank it better for particular keywords in the search engines’ result pages. Irrefutably that one of the proven and most popular methods for website optimization is the submitting of articles in an article directory. However, a lot of people, some of them claiming to be experts, make mistakes when submitting articles. Some of the mistakes are minor while others not only stultify the whole process, but even bring damage to your website.


1.     The submitter does not read the terms & conditions of the directory.

In their terms & conditions pages the directories state important requirements that should be met. Every directory requires a different length of the articles and allows a different number of outbound links. There are also different requirements for the purport, type and uniqueness of the text. A lot of people consider their time too precious to spend it in reading the terms and conditions. This, however, often results in the directory not approving their articles because a lot of the requirements are not met.

2.     Duplicate content

Before you start working as a SEO expert, you need to understand that a successful website optimization requires unique and qualitative content. Most directories have requirements for the per cent of uniqueness of the article you want to publish. The bigger the per cent of uniqueness of the article, the better the effect. Nowadays even the article spinning will hardly do any good to your website so it’s no worth submitting a duplicate content in an article directory.

3.     Spam

Often submitters find some content that has never been published anywhere on the Internet and submit it in a directory. They put a lot of outbound links that have nothing in common with the topic in it and think that this makes sense to Google. It does not. Often this content is just an extract and is meaningless without the other part of the text. Moreover, the best effect is obtained when outbound links are put in thematic articles.

4.     Not sufficient length of the articles

There is a difference between the directories for websites and the directories for articles. Most directories have requirements for the length of the articles and they are rarely under 300 words. There is no use in publishing of articles under 300 words. Don’t make the mistake to submit a standard submission for website directories (150 symbols) in a directory for articles.

5.     Illiteracy

This is a very serious problem. Don’t forget that the article directory is not a recycle bin and if you want to have some success, your articles should be user-friendly. Rarely will a directory owner tolerate serious grammatical and spelling errors as this will put off the visitors. Always edit and proof-read the articles before submitting them.

If you try to avoid these 5 mistakes, your articles will be easily and quickly approved by the directories and will contribute for the optimization of your website. On the other hand, neglecting the tips and publishing articles carelessly and chaotically will result in damages to your website and loss of precious time.


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Cheryl Bills on Wednesday, 07 June 2017 01:18

Thanks for the tips :-)

Thanks for the tips :-)
Cheryl Bills on Wednesday, 07 June 2017 02:14
Thanks for the info

Thanks for all your useful information regarding posting, etc. I appreciate your efforts :-)

Thanks for all your useful information regarding posting, etc. I appreciate your efforts :-)
Blagovest Georgiev on Thursday, 08 June 2017 19:00

I`m glad you like it

I`m glad you like it
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