Every Vivid night has something spectacular for you

With the onset of the dreary winter months, Sydneysiders welcome the Vivid Lights Festival that illuminates the city with a dazzling spectacle of colour, music and creativity. Over the years, the event has grown into a global phenomenon that showcases the ingenious creativity of the world's most creative minds. 

Despite the fact that winter is round the corner, Vivid Lights attracts multitudes of tourists who flood Sydney to witness the spectacular transformation of a dull season into a glittering haven of extravagant lights. 

Vivid Lights Sydney goes on for 18 days, giving both locals and tourists ample time to enjoy every aspect of this delightful festival. Let every night be a night out on Sydney Harbour… Here are a few reasons that should entice you to visit Sydney during these luminous weeks… 

Vivid Lights Sydney Harbour Cruise

Vivid Sydney's most spectacular displays are centered on the harbour, making a Vivid Sydney Harbour cruise one of the most sought-after experiences during this Lights Festival. You may have 18 days of Vivid, but given its popularity, you'd best book your Vivid cruise Sydney in advance to get the date and time of your convenience. You could watch the magical displays from the shore, but a harbour cruise is the perfect way to get an up close and personal view of this illuminated aquatic wonderland. All the ferries, cruising catamarans, boats and water taxis are dressed up in attractive LED lights that change colour as they enter and exit different Vivid precincts. Vivid Lights is cutting-edge technology at its best and there's nothing like experiencing it from the decks of a vessel cruising the harbour. The Pride of Vivid Sydney – Lighting of the Sails The 'Lighting of the Sails' of the Sydney Opera House is one of Vivid's most iconic events that has every spectator dropping their jaws in amazement. This magnificent piece of architecture comes alive with the most amazing three-dimensional light displays that are guaranteed to take your breath away. If you're ashore, you could make your way inside the iconic shells of the Opera House, visit its theatres and gain a unique insight into the origin and evolution of the world famous light displays and technological advancements that make Vivid Sydney what it is. The Musical Delight of Vivid Live While Vivid Lights usurp all the visual glory, Vivid Live delights audiences with equally exciting music events that are staged at the Opera House and at popular venues in and around the city. Rocking the heart of Sydney every year, you'll find an eclectic mix of music and exclusive concerts that are highlighted by their technological brilliance. International and local musicians take centre stage at the Opera House and other public venues showcasing their brilliance for an appreciative audience. Last year, the sandstone façade of the Customs House came alive with a series of musical sculptures that could be played by visitors as if it were a musical instrument. This was a unique experience that treated Vivid spectators to cutting-edge technology combining light, colour and sound! Darling Harbour Vivid Aquatique The Darling Harbour Vivid Aquatic Show is a recreation of the spectacular Versailles Fountain that features illuminated water jets sailing through a magic wall of light and dancing in synchrony to beautiful music. With enormous water screens and laser displays that bounce off a star-shaped floating device, the Darling Harbour Vivid Aquatique promises an out-of-the-world experience for all spectators. Transforming itself into one giant visual spectacular, Sydney welcomes all visitors to explore the delights of the Vivid Lights Festival. Vivid is full of surprises, and Vivid 2016 definitely has something spectacular lined up for you! Whether on foot or on a Vivid Sydney Harbour cruise, you are guaranteed a fantastic experience!​

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