Spectacular New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around The World!

The start of a New Year is a globally celebrated event with parties, music and displays of all sorts. Let's look at some of the major New year's Eve celebrations around the world!

It's time for the Ball to drop!

Times Square in New York is another well-known New Year's Eve hotspot, and the show-stopping event is the ball dropping at midnight to mark the start of the New Year! The Times Square Ball is located on the roof of One Times Square, and drops 141ft in 60 seconds, beginning at 11:59:00. Festivities begin at 6pm with the ball being raised, and the 6-hours-to-go countdown begins. Accompanied by live entertainment and concerts by eminent musicians, Times Square is an iconic place to welcome the New Year!

London Calling!

Old Blighty might have lost its sheen, but UK still has some moves left. New Year's Eve celebrations are centered around the Big Ben and the London Eye. Big Ben strikes famously to mark midnight on New Year's Eve in London, which is followed by the country's largest fireworks display, presented by the Mayor of London. The event is ticketed, so better book your tickets in advance as they are sure to get sold out, before you can say 'a spot of tea'!

Hip-hop Europe!

It's time to turn your heads to hip-hopping Europe, starting with Germany. The capital city has a mile-long party zone with live music, disco and laser shows culminating in – you guessed it – a spectacular fireworks show at midnight! There are many trendy clubs offering DJ music and a great party atmosphere. If those aren't your cup of tea, the Berliner Philharmoniker conducts its annual New Year's Eve concert, a special treat for classical music enthusiasts. PS: It's free entry for all! Food stands nearby serving fare from around the world, ensure you never go hungry. Berlin is warming up to be a great choice to spend New Year's Eve!

NYE meets UAE!

As more clocks strike 12 around the world, it's time to head to the opulent middle-east and to UAE, where NYE celebrations take place at the Burj Dubai. A Guinness World Record feat, 'Light Up 20XX' is the largest light and sound show on a single structure. Displayed over 109,252 square metres of the Burj Khalifa, it is a sight to behold set against the night sky, and a fitting way to welcome the New Year. The display lasts for 10 minutes, and is accompanied by multiple musical performances to make the evening even more special.

Down under NYE Festivities!

One of the first cities where the clock strikes 12, Sydney rings in the New Year with spectacular twin New Year's Eve fireworks displays. Known as the harbour city, Sydney Harbour is the place to be and an NYE cruise even more so, to fully appreciate the grandeur of these spectacular displays.

A musically-choreographed fireworks display set off from the Harbour Bridge and surrounding barges on Sydney Harbour is the highlight of the evening, not to mention the visual ensemble that includes the Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect and the Harbour of Light Parade! 

Times Square Ball Drops

New years eve at Berlin

Sydney NYE at Sydney Harbour

Not-To-Miss Luxe Experiences In Sydney!
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Socialdude on Thursday, 19 December 2019 09:44
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