Best Camping Experience in Sahra Desert

Morocco is a land of wonders on earth travelers find. It is full of energies, Charms enough to fill you with the new boost in life. Morocco has heavenly beaches, rich old culture, and diversity to explore. One thing, which we cannot ignore, is the glamorous Sahara desert of Morocco. People, mostly from Europe and the UK visits Morocco to explore the holiday destination just can't skip a visit to the lifeful Sahara. If you are getting the option of Luxury Holidays in Morocco, you should not skip the idea. It would be the more memorable voyage of your life.

Things to do in Moroccan Sahara

Moroccan Sahara is famous for its beauties and international recognition of the Hollywood movies there. Yes, many of the famous films and series are shoot in the Moroccan Sahara. So get an opportunity to get the Charms of Sahara but what to do there, to know this is important for the first-timers.

What is the Right Time to Visit Sahara?

The right time to visit the Moroccan Sahara is when the temperature there is neither so high nor so down. The ideal months to visit are September, October, and November. This is proved by our experience that we had enjoyed a lot in the last days of October last year. The nights were cold like near 10 degrees Celsius, but the days there were warm and not so comfortable. So pack your luggage accordingly. You will need warm clothes in the night time and light ones in the daytime. The other things, for example, the glasses, proper Shoes knowing the nature of Sahara and other things, etc.

Pay to Get the Luxuries There

In Sahara, you will see many uneven things around. First the uneven temperature, then the proper living place, and overall exposure. Yes, it is impactful when you are there for some time but to spend a night and take more experiences you need to pay for the better services. You will get the proper toilet services, proper tents with the comfort and luxury linen beds. We got there the service provider who gave us the inclusive package and we enjoyed the Berber foods, tents, and a very decent camel ride. Travelers find these luxuries in Merxouga where you will reach directly from Marrakech on a long drive.

Arrive There on Time is the First Thing to Do

You will manage your ride to Sahara, time matters. If you will able to manage the time, you can spend your two worthy days in Sahara. Activities in Sahara would definitely fulfil your expectations to be in the land of Games of thrones. Getting on time will give you an opportunity to get the experience to see the Sun coming out and making the dunes red first and then changes the color. You will be able to enjoy the fires outside your tent in the cold Saharan nights. You will get every pleasure of the perfect holiday destination, the thing is, just take care of your time and manage it to get the opportunities of gathering more fun in less time.

A Perfect Getaway from the Electronic Devices

For example, you are there in Sahara for two perfect days, you will be on the Isolation mode and then the original luxuries of the calm life will be introduced. Our lives have become like a machine, we have no time even to talk to our own relatives. Even kids are very used to using electronic devices. In Sahara, you will get the freedom of all the electronic devices and that would be so pleasant experience. Forget this that you have any electronic device like a Mobile phone with you and lay down in the soft comfortable linen beds to enjoy your time out there.

Don't Skip the Camel Ride

For me at least, it was a be at the place we always have seen in the movies and television. An ideal imagination making great scenery having the camels in line leaving the beautiful red dunes around and the Sun on its last breath of the day or rising. The ideal and golden hours are there in Sahara to the experience I suggest.

What to Wear in Sahara

Djellaba is a traditional dress people use to wear in Sahara like areas in Morocco. It is a beautiful dress I bought from Marrakech to wear in Sahara. The light dress helped me a lot in the day time to roam around the destination. I ride on the Camel, went to the adventure places alone. For the nights, you will be taking the extra layers on you to avoid the cold. You will be provided with the traditional foods to eat sitting around the fire to warm up your experiences there. My husband took the blue-coloured while I opted for the pink-coloured Djelabba to wear in Sahara. People use special boots to walk in the soft sands but Babouch, a traditionally wore sleepers.

I wish you the best of luck.

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